Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GREAT news

Wow, time goes by so quickly. Lets start with Friday.
Mr. Bear got his blood test and his numbers were perfect, so his insulin stays
the same and we check again in a month . GREAT news !

 Click on the cartoon below for a  quick
inspirational lift, it's a good one. Thank you, Keetsmaw for sending this one

At the top of the page is a charcoal sketch of Katie I
did over the week.  I must say , drawing  faces scares the heck out of
me, far out of my comfort zone, especially when it is supposed to look like
someone. Time to conquer my fears, so you will be seeing faces pop up in my
drawings from time to time. I am working on a painting of an angel using Katie's
face, so that one may be popping up in a little bit !

My mini Key West vacation is coming up in 10 days, it's
been 6 months since my last mini trip, so I am more than ready to go . It's
great to get away for a little and feed your mind with new sights and
situations, it really helps with the creative process. It's a mother, daughter,
grandmother trip so we will have lots of family fun. Taking little Katie is
always an adventure, her little mind is like a sponge, absorbing and enjoying
everything she sees.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying their week

Meows and purrs,


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