Thursday, February 2, 2012


OK, sometimes it's hard to admit to your faults, but it is what it is so here
is one of mine.


I think I may have inherited it from my  Dad, he couldn't throw anything
away either., he even reused the wax paper packaging the cereal comes in..

 I'm sitting here in my little art studio/computer room looking around. 
So much stuff, so little room.  Being an artist helps add to the clutter, I
have so many cool things to work with and art involves lots of stuff ! 
Frames I have been saving for artwork yet to come, pieces of projects past but
you may never know when you might need that again , STUFF I keep

Then I think about the kitchen.

I have so many kitchen tool, real cool ones from all the years I worked as a
chef in fancy restaurants. I continue to keep them, but most of the stuff just
doesn't get used that often and some I am embarrassed to say, never.

Stuff I keep

 It just seem a waste to just get rid of it. What is one to do ?

How do you really de clutter ???

Looking for answers if you have them , PLEASE send them to me ASAP

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