Tuesday, April 28, 2009

GREAT news

Wow, time goes by so quickly. Lets start with Friday.
Mr. Bear got his blood test and his numbers were perfect, so his insulin stays
the same and we check again in a month . GREAT news !

 Click on the cartoon below for a  quick
inspirational lift, it's a good one. Thank you, Keetsmaw for sending this one

At the top of the page is a charcoal sketch of Katie I
did over the week.  I must say , drawing  faces scares the heck out of
me, far out of my comfort zone, especially when it is supposed to look like
someone. Time to conquer my fears, so you will be seeing faces pop up in my
drawings from time to time. I am working on a painting of an angel using Katie's
face, so that one may be popping up in a little bit !

My mini Key West vacation is coming up in 10 days, it's
been 6 months since my last mini trip, so I am more than ready to go . It's
great to get away for a little and feed your mind with new sights and
situations, it really helps with the creative process. It's a mother, daughter,
grandmother trip so we will have lots of family fun. Taking little Katie is
always an adventure, her little mind is like a sponge, absorbing and enjoying
everything she sees.

Well, hope everyone is enjoying their week

Meows and purrs,


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Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Story book time



on this beautiful Thursday !  What a day.  Today was Katie's first day
going to story time at the library.

So much fun watching 11, 3 and 4 year olds.   Every day I always go to
my inner child to be at Katie's level, so I get right into her thinking and it
really is fun.  She did very well.  There is a little 4 foot door into
the room and the kids really love that, she had to come out twice to get a
grandma kiss, but I think she just wanted to make sure Grandma and Grandpa were
there waiting for her, yes Katie we were waiting !!!  Children, they are so
beautiful and unspoiled by the world, I never waste a minute with her, it s
going by so fast ,we are so blessed !

These are yesterdays paintings, I just couldn't get a good picture of them. The
bumps that show up on the frames, well I guess they are ghost bumps because I
can not see them on the frames ! Weird.

Well the week is almost over. Mr. Bear goes to get his blood sugar tested
tomorrow, were keeping are fingers crossed. We will see..

Until then,

Meows and purrs,


Saturday, April 18, 2009

My little artist

Happy Friday !

This sweet little face belongs to my granddaughter. We were sitting outside on the lanai after lunch today, and I snapped this photo of Katie and her red lollipop. Sweet huh ? Our days are filled with activities for Katie. This morning we went to the library and read some books and signed up for story time for next week., then out to lunch and the art store where we always seem to find something my budding little artist just can't live without, today it was finger paints, washable of course, let the fun begin ! I will show photos of some of her artwork next week.

Hope everyone has a great weekend

Meows and purrs,


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Eagle

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Another beautiful day in paradise ! Everything is so green today, after 3
months we finally got some rain, actually we got over an inch last night of
steady rain, just what we needed ! Thank you Mother Nature !

This morning around 7:45 , I went out to take some recycle to the back yard
and there on top of our garbage can was a beautiful Bald Eagle digging
through the can !  I stood there a few minutes watching then went to get my
camera but when I went back out he heard me and flew away, to bad what a great
photo op ! We have 2 sets of nesting eagles within 2 miles from where I live so
seeing them is not uncommon, but in my garbage can! ...  pretty cool !




This little party painting was inspired by our party over the weekend, Mr.
Bear, not wanting to be left out was more than willing to pose for this painting
in hopes of getting some tuna !



Hope everyone is enjoying their week,

Meows and purrs,


A Great Easter and

hope everyone had a Great Easter !

It was a special day at our home, not only a Holy day, but my mother and father
in-laws 82nd and 83rd birthday !  We sure had a great time.

There was 10 of us enjoying the festivities.

This year we had a New England type feast. I was cooking for 2 days to pull it
off.  We had clam cakes and chowder at 2 then later on we had fresh Rhode
Island lobsters turned into Lobster salad rolls and of course fresh cut french
fries. For dessert we had a homemade sponge cake which I rolled and filled with
fresh roasted strawberries and whipped cream then topped off with a roasted
vanilla bean strawberry sauce. Yummy !

If anyone wants a fantastic easy to prep recipe for a great homemade strawberry
dessert let me know I would be more than happy to share this recipe.

So Monday I was TIRED and took a night off ! WHEW

Tonight's ACEO is one I painted awhile back, 2008, and stashed in one of my
little art draws.

Hope you like it !

Meows and Purrs,


Friday, April 10, 2009

Feline Diabetes

was Mr. Bears appointment at the veterinarian, he has had diabetes for 4 years
now. We are very lucky to have a doctor such as our Dr. Kroll .

Mr. B, 15 years old,  has been on the insulin drug Lantus for about 2
years now, Mama gives him 2 3unit shots of insulin every day 12 hours apart, and
this medication works so very well for him. Today his blood sugar was at about
57, actually a little low so we are cutting him back to 2units, which is a good
thing. We will go back in 2 weeks for another glucose test .   He is
such a good boy. He weighed in at 15 1/2 pounds , so his weight is staying about
the same and that's a good thing too !   All my cats are on the same
food , Hills Prescription Diet m/d,  very high in protein and low in carbs,
also pretty expensive, about $ 32.00 a case, but worth it for my kids  
!For more info on feline diabetes check out my web site Katie-Cats.com.

Tonight's painting is all about LOVE !

Nothing to much more snuggly than a good cat.

Meows and Purrs,


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another day in paradise

Another day in paradise here in sunny Florida. A perfect 72,
clear blue skis with not even a cloud and a gentle breeze, how could it get any
better ?

My sweet hubby is at last putting a sprinkler system in our
yard, so this will be the year I really go flower crazy.

My dad taught me the art of growing flowers and veggies at a
very early age and now I'm passing it to Katie.

Next week we will put in some sun flowers, tall, medium and
short ones, the birds love them they make a great bouquet and they are so fun to
watch grow  !  Not sure exactly what flowers we will grow besides the
sunflowers, we will go to the seed store and go crazy next week.

Anyway that's what inspired this painting, all the thoughts of
our new garden rolling around in my head !

 I just LOVE gardening and flowers and painting them too

I used more of my art finds in this painting, watercolor paper,
oil pastels and cut outs of tiny cats throughout the background of the painting,
I think it looks pretty cool, then it got an antique wash, it  has kind of
an old world look to it.

Well time to warm up the old paint brushes and get to work.

Meows and purrs





Wednesday, April 8, 2009

just took Katie to the vet with him to get some food for the babies, so that
gives me a few minutes here, yea .

In the last several weeks I have been doing quite a few collage type paintings
... all because of my favorite thrift store. First I must tell you I just LOVE
hitting all the different 2nd hand stores. I have a favorite, our local Kiwanis.
About a month ago I stopped in and found a big box of , well it looked like
junk, paper, pencils some crayons, I just couldn't see to the bottom of the box,
so I decided to buy it for $5.50,I figured the paper would be great for little
Katie, the budding artist. I went out to the lanai  as soon as I got home
and emptied it on the floor and then I gasped! What a treasure I got, there was
charcoal, 5 packs of oil pastels, 2 cat punches,4 boxes of new watercolor
pencils, chalk, ,collage medium and a whole bunch of watercolor paper that was
in about 6 inch pieces  and other little art goodies. What a find ! You
just never know what you may find at your local thrift store !!!

This is one of my thrift store inspirations

Ends April 13th at 18:00 PST

Meows and Purrs


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Preview of tonights ebay offering

WELCOME to my new blog !

Well , finally I got this going !

I don't have very much time right now.

I'm a full time artist, with a husband, 4 cats and a 3 year old granddaughter,
who I have 10 hours a day. So my days are filled with kite flying, blowing
bubbles ,puzzles, books and all the fun things that 3 year olds love to do. My
husband works nights, so I hit my studio after Katie leaves for the day.. That's
where you will find me [and my 4 cats] till the wee hours.

I have been selling my paintings on ebay for 8 years now and do quite a few
commissions from my web site, Katie-Cats.com
I also have paintings in gift shops in Sanibel, Captiva, Matlacha and Fort Myers
Beach, so that keeps me pretty busy. Did I mention cooking and cleaning ?

Well more soon .....

Tonight's ebay painting is a painting I do
once a year,

I guess you could call it an annual !

This is the 8th Seedling painting I have done , the idea is the same but the
paintings are all different

Hope you like it !