Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Eagle

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Another beautiful day in paradise ! Everything is so green today, after 3
months we finally got some rain, actually we got over an inch last night of
steady rain, just what we needed ! Thank you Mother Nature !

This morning around 7:45 , I went out to take some recycle to the back yard
and there on top of our garbage can was a beautiful Bald Eagle digging
through the can !  I stood there a few minutes watching then went to get my
camera but when I went back out he heard me and flew away, to bad what a great
photo op ! We have 2 sets of nesting eagles within 2 miles from where I live so
seeing them is not uncommon, but in my garbage can! ...  pretty cool !




This little party painting was inspired by our party over the weekend, Mr.
Bear, not wanting to be left out was more than willing to pose for this painting
in hopes of getting some tuna !



Hope everyone is enjoying their week,

Meows and purrs,


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