Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

painting was just so much fun to do.  I made the girl  on watercolor
paper then colored her with oil pastels.  After adhering her to the canvas
I made her clothes from collage paper, it was like the old days when I was a
little girl making paper dolls and their clothes hour after hour.  I still
have plenty of inner child left in me !

My birthday was Monday so we celebrated over the week
end.  My sister made me a gourmet Chinese dinner, which included the best
dumplings known to man, she has this down pat !  My mother in law made a
double layer chocolate cake, from scratch of course, with a chocolate butter
cream that was really special.  So we all pigged out and had a great time. 
Little Katie liked the balloons and the cake !  A good time was had by all. 
Did I mention the Mimosas ? Yummy !  It was worth getting a year older for.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mean NASTY people

Well here I am listing these paintings again !


Someone keeps turning me in to ebay for improper listings because I had links
to my blog and web page, just like most of the artists on ebay. Why someone is
doing this is beyond me, I don't bother anyone. But for some reason someone is !
This is the Third time in a week that my listings have been cancelled and this
time the only Link that I had was to my "about me" page on ebay which is not an
illegal link!  So I have no money coming in this week.  I have e
mailed ebay but so far I have not gotten a response from them.

What a shame there are such nasty people in the world who have little to do
except  try and make it uncomfortable for others, just think ...  if
the energy that most mean people waste on being mean was used for good , the
world would be a better place and I'm sure that person wouldn't feel so ugly !

I try and do a good deed every day, this week I am going to try and do a few
extra good things for others, in hope of making up for those of us in the world
who choose to be mean and ugly !

Meows and purrs,



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Re listed

These two I'm re listing again. ebay
cancelled them because I had a direct link to my blog and web page which is
against ebay rules ...OOPS !

I have fixed everything now so to get to my blog or web page just go to my me

Thanks for looking

Meows and purrs,


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Listings removed

For those of you bidding or watching my auctions they were removed because I
had a link to my blog and web site on my ebay page.

Please just go to my me page to get to both sites now.

Sorry for the inconvenience

MC018 eBay Listing Removed:
Inappropriate Links (302836011)


Dear katie-cats

You recently listed the following listing:

110395750322 - ORIGINAL Folk Art Cat Painting Mixed Media

110396138860 - Folk Art 2 Cat Painting Geraniums SWEET -

Unfortunately, we had to remove your listing because the
following information violates our policy:

Description: "Check Out My Website Katie-Cats.com "

We don't allow sellers to direct members away from the eBay site
because we can't ensure their safety and security once they leave our site.
Also, if a member buys something outside eBay, they're not protected by our
services, including our Feedback and buyer protection programs.

If you use any mechanism that directs members away from our
site, you are violating our links policy.

A link is anything that
takes a member off the eBay website, including text, images,
logos, or icons (both clickable and non-clickable).