Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mean NASTY people

Well here I am listing these paintings again !


Someone keeps turning me in to ebay for improper listings because I had links
to my blog and web page, just like most of the artists on ebay. Why someone is
doing this is beyond me, I don't bother anyone. But for some reason someone is !
This is the Third time in a week that my listings have been cancelled and this
time the only Link that I had was to my "about me" page on ebay which is not an
illegal link!  So I have no money coming in this week.  I have e
mailed ebay but so far I have not gotten a response from them.

What a shame there are such nasty people in the world who have little to do
except  try and make it uncomfortable for others, just think ...  if
the energy that most mean people waste on being mean was used for good , the
world would be a better place and I'm sure that person wouldn't feel so ugly !

I try and do a good deed every day, this week I am going to try and do a few
extra good things for others, in hope of making up for those of us in the world
who choose to be mean and ugly !

Meows and purrs,



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