Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday

painting was just so much fun to do.  I made the girl  on watercolor
paper then colored her with oil pastels.  After adhering her to the canvas
I made her clothes from collage paper, it was like the old days when I was a
little girl making paper dolls and their clothes hour after hour.  I still
have plenty of inner child left in me !

My birthday was Monday so we celebrated over the week
end.  My sister made me a gourmet Chinese dinner, which included the best
dumplings known to man, she has this down pat !  My mother in law made a
double layer chocolate cake, from scratch of course, with a chocolate butter
cream that was really special.  So we all pigged out and had a great time. 
Little Katie liked the balloons and the cake !  A good time was had by all. 
Did I mention the Mimosas ? Yummy !  It was worth getting a year older for.

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