Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial day fun

Bid on this Painting Now on ebay!!!This
shabby chic painting really came out very colorful and neat.  It has
elements of collage, crackling, pastels and acrylic paint.  Reminds me of a
postcard from Paris for some reason.  I framed this one with a crackled
frame. A purrfect match.

I took the long week end off to enjoy with my family. 
We had a great cook out and splashed around in the pool all day.

Thank you to all the military people who keep our country
safe and free, the day really belongs to them.  Thank you, Thank you !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aqua blue waters of the Keys

This  picture I took from the moving car window but it did capture the
color of the water that I was going for !




Statues outside the Art Gallery




The view from the porch of our room





Katie playing poolside

The aqua blue waters of the Keys

We were so lucky, the weather was perfect !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Key West vacation


Rudy is just about the silliest little guy around. 
This is pretty much the position you can find him in on most days.  The
birds have caught on and sit as close to the screen as possible, they just love
to tease him, pretty funny !

I am in packing mode tonight, leaving Sunday morning
for 7 days of vacation, so no paintings will go out for delivery this week. 
When I get back I will have lots of photos of the beautiful waters of Key West,
I hope I can capture the gorgeous aqua blues of the waters, it's breathtaking !

This will probably be my last blog for the week,
hubby and I are having a nice romantic dinner tomorrow night before I leave for
a week, I will miss hubby and my 4 kitties very much, but will talk to all 5 on
the phone every day !  Soleil saw the luggage come out and has already
started getting depressed, funny how they know whats going on !


Decided against taking the laptop with me, I think I
really need to just take a break, this is a brave step to be out of contact with
the internet world, but I think it's good to do once in awhile so ....

See you in a week,

Meows and Purrs,


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Come in ... the waters fine


Wow, time just goes by so quickly ! This has been a quick week.

Our pool just hit 83 degrees, so we are now swimming every day !  I know
that sounds warm to some, but once you get used to Florida, that temp seems
perfect ! Hard to believe when we lived in Rhode Island we swam in 68 degree
water, BRRRR, NEVER again, I hate to be cold !!!  Only problem here , once
we get in the pool it is very hard to get little Katie, a 3 year old, out !  
After 2 hours, both Grandpa and I are pooped and Katie is the one that gets the
2 hour nap ! We sure are getting our exercise in .

Tonight's painting was inspired after we baked some cupcakes the other day,
the babies just can't resist BUTTER CREAM frosting !!!

Packing for my Key West's almost time !  I'm so excited

Meows and purrs,


Saturday, May 2, 2009

New ...Mini SWEET PEAS

Happy Friday, hope everyone
is ready to start their week end.

Tonight's ebay offering .....

Introducing a new series .....


You can find these sweet 
little guys

 hiding everywhere !

They especially love the garden,

 where I first saw them
hiding !

This little SWEET PEA

 is fast asleep in a pea pod

with his little tabby cat ,


you must be very quiet !!!