Thursday, May 7, 2009

Come in ... the waters fine


Wow, time just goes by so quickly ! This has been a quick week.

Our pool just hit 83 degrees, so we are now swimming every day !  I know
that sounds warm to some, but once you get used to Florida, that temp seems
perfect ! Hard to believe when we lived in Rhode Island we swam in 68 degree
water, BRRRR, NEVER again, I hate to be cold !!!  Only problem here , once
we get in the pool it is very hard to get little Katie, a 3 year old, out !  
After 2 hours, both Grandpa and I are pooped and Katie is the one that gets the
2 hour nap ! We sure are getting our exercise in .

Tonight's painting was inspired after we baked some cupcakes the other day,
the babies just can't resist BUTTER CREAM frosting !!!

Packing for my Key West's almost time !  I'm so excited

Meows and purrs,


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