Saturday, May 9, 2009

Key West vacation


Rudy is just about the silliest little guy around. 
This is pretty much the position you can find him in on most days.  The
birds have caught on and sit as close to the screen as possible, they just love
to tease him, pretty funny !

I am in packing mode tonight, leaving Sunday morning
for 7 days of vacation, so no paintings will go out for delivery this week. 
When I get back I will have lots of photos of the beautiful waters of Key West,
I hope I can capture the gorgeous aqua blues of the waters, it's breathtaking !

This will probably be my last blog for the week,
hubby and I are having a nice romantic dinner tomorrow night before I leave for
a week, I will miss hubby and my 4 kitties very much, but will talk to all 5 on
the phone every day !  Soleil saw the luggage come out and has already
started getting depressed, funny how they know whats going on !


Decided against taking the laptop with me, I think I
really need to just take a break, this is a brave step to be out of contact with
the internet world, but I think it's good to do once in awhile so ....

See you in a week,

Meows and Purrs,


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