Wednesday, April 8, 2009

just took Katie to the vet with him to get some food for the babies, so that
gives me a few minutes here, yea .

In the last several weeks I have been doing quite a few collage type paintings
... all because of my favorite thrift store. First I must tell you I just LOVE
hitting all the different 2nd hand stores. I have a favorite, our local Kiwanis.
About a month ago I stopped in and found a big box of , well it looked like
junk, paper, pencils some crayons, I just couldn't see to the bottom of the box,
so I decided to buy it for $5.50,I figured the paper would be great for little
Katie, the budding artist. I went out to the lanai  as soon as I got home
and emptied it on the floor and then I gasped! What a treasure I got, there was
charcoal, 5 packs of oil pastels, 2 cat punches,4 boxes of new watercolor
pencils, chalk, ,collage medium and a whole bunch of watercolor paper that was
in about 6 inch pieces  and other little art goodies. What a find ! You
just never know what you may find at your local thrift store !!!

This is one of my thrift store inspirations

Ends April 13th at 18:00 PST

Meows and Purrs


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