Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another day in paradise

Another day in paradise here in sunny Florida. A perfect 72,
clear blue skis with not even a cloud and a gentle breeze, how could it get any
better ?

My sweet hubby is at last putting a sprinkler system in our
yard, so this will be the year I really go flower crazy.

My dad taught me the art of growing flowers and veggies at a
very early age and now I'm passing it to Katie.

Next week we will put in some sun flowers, tall, medium and
short ones, the birds love them they make a great bouquet and they are so fun to
watch grow  !  Not sure exactly what flowers we will grow besides the
sunflowers, we will go to the seed store and go crazy next week.

Anyway that's what inspired this painting, all the thoughts of
our new garden rolling around in my head !

 I just LOVE gardening and flowers and painting them too

I used more of my art finds in this painting, watercolor paper,
oil pastels and cut outs of tiny cats throughout the background of the painting,
I think it looks pretty cool, then it got an antique wash, it  has kind of
an old world look to it.

Well time to warm up the old paint brushes and get to work.

Meows and purrs





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