Friday, December 30, 2011

Star Light Star Bright


Annie's Story

Just before Christmas , one of my Facebook friends dog, Annie was ill 
and everyone was praying for her to get well.

One morning I got up and my friends profile picture had been changed to her
Annie's picture and I knew right away Annie had passed. I cried and then had to
go about my duties

I was out most of the day doing errands and picking my Granddaughter, Katy up
after school, then we went home and she was playing.  After awhile I booted
up again and went to Facebook and was reading the comments about Annie's passing
and I put my head down on my desk and had some tears, then I felt a soft touch
on my arm, I looked up and it was little Katy, she looked at me and quietly
asked what was wrong so I showed her the picture of Annie and told her that she
had died. She gave me some hugs and words of love to cheer me up, it always
helps, then she went back to whatever she was playing. You never really know
what little kids are thinking.

Soon it was time for Katy to go home, my daughter picks her up after her work
around 6, and I walk her out and get her settled in the car.  This night
she grabbed my hand and walked around the corner of the house and said

 " Grandma look up at the Old Grandpa star," when her Great Grandpa died 2
years ago we told her that he went to a star and we showed her the brightest one
and every once in awhile we look at it.  She continued on, " Grandma do you
see the little star next to old Grandpa , that's Annie and Grandpa will take
good care of her, he loved dogs so don't worry she's going to be just fine. "

So if you look to the sky and find the brightest star and the little one
right next to it, you will know Annie and Old Grandpa will be just fine !

Children and animals just make you feel good, even when you don't !

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