Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Tooth Fairy

About loosing a tooth.

Wow ! It's been a long time , but I still remember loosing  teeth.

Today my Granddaughter , Katy lost her second tooth !  She was brushing
her teeth this morning and out it came.  She was so happy, she kept
worrying about swallowing it during the night, I told her I never knew anyone
that swallowed a tooth, but she was very leery !

And now the tooth is out and ready to be put under the pillow.  Now when
I was a little girl, you wrapped the little tooth in a tissue and put it under
your pillow and usually you woke in the morning to find a nice shiny dime, or if
you were very lucky you may even find a quarter under there.

When Katy's Mom, my daughter, lost a tooth many years ago, I  remember
leaving her a shiny half dollar. I still have 4 of her teeth, little hard pearls
that were left for the tooth fairy, in my top drawer in an old pill bottle,
strange the things Mom's keep !

In today's world, my daughter has a plastic contraption for Katy , that you
put the tooth in , there is a place for quite a few teeth, and a little slot for
the fairy to put the money in, and all the baby teeth are saved forever . Katy
informed me that she was left five dollars for the first tooth she lost, a and
was expecting the same this time. Of course, Katy wanted to know why the fairy
didn't take the tooth from the plastic thing, so her  Mom had to come up
with a quick answer. She told her the fairy had an overload of teeth at the time
and needed to leave them for the time being and maybe collect them at another
time when she had a shortage.

Times have sure changed, but they have stayed the same too.  In today's
economy, maybe I got the better deal when I was a kid !!!

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