Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Good by Mr. Bear

This morning at 7:15, my beautiful boy died in my arms. Mr. Bear has had diabetes for the last 6 years and did very well on his insulin until about 4 weeks ago when things started to go wrong. In the last month we have just tried everything, in the last 2 weeks we spent every day going to the doctor for fluids and blood tests trying to get him healthy again, but nothing worked, and his quality of life really started to fail this week. Yesterday My wonderful veterinarian, Dr. Kroll, told me it was near time, so I brought my baby home to spend his last night with his family. I made him a little nest with his favorite pink blanket on the sofa and my other 3 babies, Soleil, Millie and Rudy and I spent the night snuggling . I got Mr. Bear when he was 3 weeks old and had to bottle feed him for weeks until he got strong enough to eat on his own, he was just the sweetest little thing. Even when he was a baby , he was all black except for his tippy tail. In honor of my precious baby, all the paintings I paint of cats will have white tippy tails forever.

I passed my baby from my hands to GODS hands where he will be safe forever now.

Fly with the angels and chase butterflies Baby Bear,

Love and kisses,


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